I really love the idea of having a reading nook in the kitchen (instead of the more traditional informal dining room).
Image from Jenna Lyon's home, Via Domino mag.


Looking forward to Spring and it´s not even Winter yet!
Beyond gorgeous collection, JCrew SP-SM 2011.


Brilliant rooms, Via Little Green Notebook, Two Ellie, Potery Barn, Elle Decor and Vogue magazines.


My Darling Girl:

You are six months old today.
To say that you had changed my life completely would be an understatement. I feel that you have actually given me a new life. A life filled with neverending joy, hope and laughter.
Where everything that exists is good and noble. Where there´s no fear and no sadness.
Thank you. I only hope I can make your life as wonderful as you´ve made mine.

You are DELICIOUS! The chubbiest thing.
Every newborn wrinkle has gone away and on it´s place there are pesky rolls of fat (my favorite is the one in the inside part of you elbow, even thou your chin still drives me wild).
Saying you have an appetite sounds a little mild. You love to eat everything. At the moment you are 20 inches and 20 lbs, and according to your doctor you have the weight and size of an eleven month old.

You are a happy and kind baby.
You love to dance ("Sabes una cosa" by Luis Miguel, "I wish you love" by Rod Stewart and anything Beyonce are your favorites), but you love any happy sound, let´s just say that you have rhythm.

You´ve already said two words: Mia and Hi! which makes you automatically a bilingual baby. Bravo! Good Job! (which you love to hear when you accomplish something, which is about every second. You have managed to leave me speechless at your wit and intelligence. God Bless you!). Can you tell I´m a proud mama?

Your most favorite colors are green and fuscia, in that order.
Just like me, you prefer the majesty of trees to flowers. Are we soulmates? Can it be?
You can sit on your own and are starting to crawl.
Every time daddy calls, you hug the phone and do a little happy dance.
To say you melt my heart everytime I see you or think of you is to say the honest truth. I´m head over heels for you!

Sometimes, when you want to be babied, you caress my back or lift your right leg while I breastfeed you (like you used to do when you where a tiny little thing). I Looove it!
I think you are growing up way too fast, but I also thank God about every four seconds for taking care of you and for all the health and Blessings He has already given you.
I wish He continues to give light to your path, always, and that He fills your life with limitless reasons to smile.

I love you. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!
And always remember that the best part of me, it´s you!


p.s. Favorite occupation besides eating and dancing: blowing raspberries.


Loving this whole image. The styling, the house, the girl, everything evokes Autumn in such a gorgeous way , from what has to be my new favorite fashion blog http://classiq.ro/ all the way from Romania!!!


Our sweet baby girl said her first word today: Mia! While fighting over a cracker.
The littlest chubbiest thing loves to eat and it seems just way too appropriate.
I love you more than words can talk, kitty cat!!!


So Pretty.....
at Vanessa Jackman.


It's been a week and we are all healthy and happy.
Amelie has lost her belly bottom stump, and she's already getting in trouble rolling in the crib and tangling herself in to the bumper.
I know, I know, precocious child of mine, God Bless her!

She adores her mama's arms, especially at night, her favorite person in the world it's her daddy (no surprises there), and she gave two thumbs up to her grandma last night when they met for the first time.

She definitely has a marked personality and dislikes to no end poor Leonard, the gardener, who seems to mow the lawn or ride the tractor only around noon, her favorite nap time.
The faces she makes, you'd think she'd like to invite him to have a talk about his work schedule, over a bottle of Chateau Margaux '68. I can just hear a New Orleans Southern Drawl...If you've met her you agreed with me! She's all attitude.

A few pictures, update soon.


So I'm back, kinda. I would never have imagined I said this but : I'm in labor!
5-6cms dilated, 80% plus effaced. And what's more surprising it's that I'm at home.
After spending Friday in hospital monitoring the babe, they let me go, since we are trying to do this as natural as possible. Just yesterday, Eric and I went out to get some Chinese and some last minute things I needed just like a normal day, and I kept saying to myself, I cannot believe this, I'm in actual labor and I'm out and about! Even now as I write this, it's still feels a little bizarre.

I'm thankful and teary just thinking about all the support my husband has given me. The four times a day calls from my mom. The family here in Mississippi. All the calls and emails from friends and family that are overseas. I was also pleasantly surprised at the hospital staff. If I could donate a wing or something I would write that check in a New York minute. Every single person at Saint Dominick's made me feel so taken care of, so loved. And of course, my lovely doctor, who besides all the pressure I know he has with modern medicine and bureaucracy and all, has given me the chance to have this baby as natural as possible.

I always knew children are a symbol of love and hope and everything that is good and nice. But the coming of the babe has really really filled our home with more than that. Maybe God's presence manifests Itself more when babies are around...I believe it does.
Whatever it is, I hope it's here to stay.

Image: "Power to the People" fist, after getting the doctor's consent of laboring drug free and IV free Thursday afternoon while in hospital. And eating what it tasted like the best ice cream in the world, after a whole day without food.


Because is one of my New Year Resolutions, because Valentine's day is around the corner, and because it's so beautiful I don't need a real reason to post it.

Via the Neo-Traditionalist.


January 21 2010

My Darling Girl,

It's 12:54 (Central time) in the afternoon.
I'm exactly 26 weeks and 5 days pregnant with you. (93 days to go, according to the excited lippy on my blog).

Only a few months left 'till I can see your pretty face, touch your skin and hold you in my arms. It seems that you own my heart, my mind and my soul, since there is no one else I rather love, think about or cherish.

I love you. I fall in love with you as soon as I wake up in the morning, and when I go to bed I fall asleep dreaming of you at night.
It's hopeless. It's done. I'm yours forever.
You've given me so much already and you don't even know it.
You've made me stronger, since the fact of knowing that I'm carrying the miracle that you are, makes any problem or any obstacle seem mundane and obsolete. You have me leaping mountains!
You've helped me grow spiritually (and physically!) Never before have I ever felt so capable of loving and nurturing.
Every day you've made sure there is joy and beauty in the world just by your existence.
With every little kick I feel your presence, therefore I'm never lonely or foregone.

You have started to get the hiccups, which at first scared me a lot. You are my first baby so since I'm new at this pardon the transgression. I'll never be afraid anymore.
But a brief thought or possibility of not having you in my life and I'm Done.
So you see...it IS Love.
Pure and Joyful love because it comes from you.
Patient love, because even thou it can be torture, this long wait to hold you, to meet you, it's just a reminder of the sweet reward of time.
And you are the best, my sweet. My one and only.
My Beloved. My darling.

I wish I could bare all the problems you would have to bare; I wish I could erase all words of hate and anger, so you would never have to speak them. I wish to see all the beauty in the world and give it to you, so that would be the only truth your eyes would ever see. I wish I could carry any grief and sadness for you, spare you heartbreak and broken dreams. And even thou I know you'll bare these things, and overcome them and grow stronger and wiser from them, this knowledge does not come as console, since the only comfort I would ever seek it's your smile, and the only truth I want to know is that of your happiness.
I can't promise to fight your battles, but I can promise to fight them with you.
You'll be never alone, and find in me a safe harbor.
For you are my sweetheart, my baby, my love.

You'll be a light to the world, as shining light you are to me.
And this knowledge I already have, of your strength, your intelligence, does not come alone as a product of my fervent adoration, but I'm happy to report, that doctors and midwifes all have agreed. Boy you are something!
You already respond to sounds! At 20 weeks you reacted to your uncle's Rainier's voice.
A couple of weeks ago you fell in love with your daddy's.
You hit hard when you dislike something (so great! Always stand up for yourself!!).
You console me when I'm sad, and we seldom fall asleep listening to our favorite Chopin's Nocturne, opus 9 no 2.

Oh I know, I just know how special you will be. With the certainty of mornings, of the changing Fall leaves. With the certainty of the the Infinite Love of God, of the existence of truth, of love and laughter.
You Will Be Grand. You already are.

But most important, Oh you will be Loved! You already are.

Thanks for making each day a Blessing.

Mama can't wait to meet you.
With more love than words can talk,


Today is a Happy day!! I've just hit the 100 day mark!
Meaning there are (approximately) 100 days left 'till I meet my little girl...
Tears of ABSOLUTE Joy!


Welcome 2010 and Happy New Year Everybody!!
We are in Mississippi, spending some quality time with Eric's family (we're being pampered really), eating really good Southern food and freezziiinng! The picture above it's from the first snow flourishes of the year. It was lovely!
I'm wearing my first wool coat ever, a military style beauty. At first I wasn't sure on the purchase, but my husband loves it and that is always a plus when making any of my sartorial decisions. (It was way too early in the morning, so no war paint {makeup} = no face closeups).