A ninja was a highly skilled operator in the history of Japan, specially trained in the art and science of assassination, espionage, guerilla warfare, covert killing, and combative martial arts.

Well, my husband IS a highly skilled operator, especially trained in the art and science of kissing, hugging, flower buying, friendship, and support.

Sending you millions of stealth kisses my love!!!!!!


I'm really not a fan of the color orange; well I guess with the exception of "Hermes Orange" of course ;)

Anyways, this picture is breathtakingly beautiful.......I love the cuffs, the delicate hat, and the flowers on the window.
From Vogue magazine's August issue 2007.


Handsome Coffeemakers from Graham and Green.


I had to post this Sheet Music paperweight. It's beautiful!
And it reminds me such much of my youngest brother, whom did I mention?, is like a musical genius....And science genius...... And math genius.....I can't say enough, I guess I'll end it with the very cliche, but very real, he's the greatest brother/guy/teenager in the world!!!


I've been Blessed in many ways, this one is the latest:

I'm estatic to introduce my Godson Luis Felipe Tineo Batista.

Isn't he Dreamy????