Happy Thanksgiving!!!

To my darling family, my beautiful friends and the wonderful people that read my little blog: I hope you all have a fantastic Holiday, surrounded by everyone you love; And that gratitude crowds your hearts, not only tomorrow but each and every day.
Personally, everything I could be thankful for seems cloudy and distant compared to the joy of carrying a little life. I still (and I think I will forever) pray everyday to God, thanking him for this gift. I've never felt more Blessed, Special and Lucky.
Finally thanks and a million kisses to my closest friends, who have showered me and the babe with so much love, from Santo Domingo, to Barcelona, to Basel, to West Virginia. Thank you, I love you all too.

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Adoring interior designer's Nina Freudenberger Style; One word: timeless.
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A very special post today, number 100Th!
Actually, there is another reason that makes this post the most especial ever:
We're expecting a baby!! He/She is due in Spring of 2010. Eric and I can't wait and are incandescently happy.
The pregnancy is part of the cause of my long convalescence, but everything seems minimal compared to the joy of seeing the little one's face in a very near future.

Image by E.Harris