It's been a week and we are all healthy and happy.
Amelie has lost her belly bottom stump, and she's already getting in trouble rolling in the crib and tangling herself in to the bumper.
I know, I know, precocious child of mine, God Bless her!

She adores her mama's arms, especially at night, her favorite person in the world it's her daddy (no surprises there), and she gave two thumbs up to her grandma last night when they met for the first time.

She definitely has a marked personality and dislikes to no end poor Leonard, the gardener, who seems to mow the lawn or ride the tractor only around noon, her favorite nap time.
The faces she makes, you'd think she'd like to invite him to have a talk about his work schedule, over a bottle of Chateau Margaux '68. I can just hear a New Orleans Southern Drawl...If you've met her you agreed with me! She's all attitude.

A few pictures, update soon.