It's my birthday today, I'm 31 and loving it!!!! On this day I'm thankful for:

-My friends and family.Truly your friends are the family you pick, and my heart melts just thinking of all the people in my life I'm lucky enough to call friend(Carina,Luis Ramon,Cynthia,Tomas,Brett,Saul,Patricia,Steff,Joana,Jen...) and all the other usual suspects. Also, how very lucky I am of having loving family members (shout out to GRANDMA,Aunt Soraya and Uncle Manolo,Marielle, Aunt Christy,Miguel), people that have been making me feel special for 31 years!! Thank you!

-Rainier: He is Family and Friend, lovely light in my life. To my little brother, thanks for always being there and for understanding me. I'm in awe of you everyday of my life.

-I'm thankful for all the health issues of the past three years, that finally ended on 2007.They made me stronger.After all the trouble, I thank God today for my health and for showing me that there is no such thing as fear, it's just something that we ourselves create when we face the unknown.

-I'm thankful to the U.S.Government, since TODAY, on my Birthday, they're giving me the coolest and greatest gift: Drum Roll Please: I'm becoming an American Citizen!!!!

-And finally, thanks to the good people at Paramount, who are releasing "Sex and The City" the movie, today May 30th, just for me!!!

Today I'm wishing that every kid in the world feels loved, for mandatory Manolo's on every girl's birthday and for a woman President.....Hopefully they ALL come true.


Sydney Pollack passed away today in Los Angeles.
Actor,Director,Producer.He was one of my favorites.
Intelligent, Charming and always Discreet and Elegant.

My secret crush.No Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt for me. I think he was the only movie star I longed to meet.
So long Sydney, may you be in a better place...


Talk about finding God in everything! The other day I was heading out the supermarket, and what did I bumped into? right here in South Florida? The most beautiful, delicate flowers I've ever seen! -Fringed Tulips- Wao! One of those things that make you feel good about been alive!!! Here's a sample...