My Darling Girl:

You are six months old today.
To say that you had changed my life completely would be an understatement. I feel that you have actually given me a new life. A life filled with neverending joy, hope and laughter.
Where everything that exists is good and noble. Where there´s no fear and no sadness.
Thank you. I only hope I can make your life as wonderful as you´ve made mine.

You are DELICIOUS! The chubbiest thing.
Every newborn wrinkle has gone away and on it´s place there are pesky rolls of fat (my favorite is the one in the inside part of you elbow, even thou your chin still drives me wild).
Saying you have an appetite sounds a little mild. You love to eat everything. At the moment you are 20 inches and 20 lbs, and according to your doctor you have the weight and size of an eleven month old.

You are a happy and kind baby.
You love to dance ("Sabes una cosa" by Luis Miguel, "I wish you love" by Rod Stewart and anything Beyonce are your favorites), but you love any happy sound, let´s just say that you have rhythm.

You´ve already said two words: Mia and Hi! which makes you automatically a bilingual baby. Bravo! Good Job! (which you love to hear when you accomplish something, which is about every second. You have managed to leave me speechless at your wit and intelligence. God Bless you!). Can you tell I´m a proud mama?

Your most favorite colors are green and fuscia, in that order.
Just like me, you prefer the majesty of trees to flowers. Are we soulmates? Can it be?
You can sit on your own and are starting to crawl.
Every time daddy calls, you hug the phone and do a little happy dance.
To say you melt my heart everytime I see you or think of you is to say the honest truth. I´m head over heels for you!

Sometimes, when you want to be babied, you caress my back or lift your right leg while I breastfeed you (like you used to do when you where a tiny little thing). I Looove it!
I think you are growing up way too fast, but I also thank God about every four seconds for taking care of you and for all the health and Blessings He has already given you.
I wish He continues to give light to your path, always, and that He fills your life with limitless reasons to smile.

I love you. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!
And always remember that the best part of me, it´s you!


p.s. Favorite occupation besides eating and dancing: blowing raspberries.