We are alive, thanks for asking.

The babe is well, the infection is gone, and by the Grace of God and the prayers of all our friends and family she is back to her chubby, sassy and adorable self.

She got her first tooth on January third, hooray! and another one followed promptly a few days later.
She is almost 25 lbs. mind you, and wears a diaper size five!

She points, says No, Daddy, Dada. Loooves to dance (shout out to Yo Gabba Gabba and DJ Lance) and still adores chocolate above anything else.

We are very happy with Indianapolis, great city, with such warm and friendly people.

Loads of snow, but personally I find the whole thing magical.

Between naps and doctor visits finished my first book of the year, "Must you go" by Antonia Fraser. What gem! Such a remarkable story and testament to true love. Also a delightful and enriching peek into the lives of these two amazing artists. Starting my second go at it tonight.

It is that good!

And finally, watched "An education" and a few other movies I was behind due to the birth of the babe. It is lovely. A wonderful surprise of a film. I felt I was reading a book. I highly recommend.

Babe's up, must go. xoxo.

p.s. Am I the only person who loved "The Romantics"?