Hello, is there someone out there that simply adores me and is thinking of a most improbable but yet delicious way to make me deliriously happy?

Well, think no more! I have the answer right here: "Zara's Tales" by Peter Beard would be a lovely addition to my library (that's his daughter in the front cover with her pet boar in Kenya). This month Mr. Beard appears on this year's Vanity Fair's International Best Dressed List. Here's a snippet of his questionnaire:

Residences: Montauk, the South of France, and Hog Ranch in Kenya. Occupation: “Escapist.” Age: 71. Personal Style: “Shag-bag.” Most Frequently Worn Item: “Kikoy.” Bargain-Hunting Locales: “The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul and the Libyan Desert near Siwa Oasis, where I found a bushel of what I believe to be meteorites.”